How it Works?

Quipper School is comprised of two parts: Link for teachers and Learn for students. This page gives you more information on how these platforms combine to create a powerful service for teachers and students.

LINK: For Teachers

Quipper School Link is a place for teachers to manage content, assign tasks and track progress, either individually or by collaborating with colleagues.

Lightning Fast Online Assignments

Link features simple, speedy online assignments. In a matter of minutes, teachers can select topics, schedule deadlines and send tasks to their students.

Quick and Clear Insights

Student submissions are instantly reflected to Link. Teachers can sort by core metrics such as attainment and study time to identify trends across the whole class, student groups or individuals.

Reap Rewards and Have Fun

Learners can select avatars, check out their peers' progress on the 'Student Timeline', collect coins and purchase themes for a customized learning environment.

You can also send messages to your students via Quipper School!

LEARN: For Students

Quipper School Learn is a place for students to study, revise and answer questions using an effective method that makes learning fun.

Learning without Boundaries

Whether it's on a smartphone, a desktop computer or anything in between, students receive assignments instantly, so they can study whenever or wherever they're connected.

Step-by-Step Mastery

Students are encouraged to 'Master' piecemeal topics, building their knowledge one step at a time. Where they're unsure, inbuilt messaging helps you to help them.

Dynamic Educational Content

Quipper School comes packed with topics created and curated by specialists, testing your students with multiple different question types. Missing something? Create your own course!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We want Quipper School to be available to everyone, so registration and use of the core service is and will remain completely free. Certain content and features may be subject to premium membership, which will incur a small fee.

Our school doesn't have good facilities. How can my students use Quipper School?

Students can use Quipper School at home or anywhere with internet connection (i.e. internet cafes). QS can be accessed from any device 24/7.

Can I download the lessons and questions?

Quipper School is always on, available to students anywhere they have an internet connection. So whether they're at home, an internet café or on the bus, students can access our service.

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