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Contoh Soal

The following conversation is for question 1-5.

I have passed my national examination with great marks. I am so happy. I want to invite all of you to eat dinner with me in a restaurant at Cihampelas street tonight. I am going to treat you all to eat dinner there. Would you like to come?

Exactly yes, Wida. By the way, congratulation!

It will be awesome to join you tonight!

Sure! I will come to that restaurant this evening.

Thank you, pals! Wily, what do you think? Could you come to the restaurant this evening?

Unfortunately I have to learn tonight. I am going to have TOEFL test tomorrow.

I am so sad, but it is okay. Good luck for your exam.

Why does Wida want to treat her friends to eat in a restaurant? Wida wants to treat them ....

  • because Wida got great marks in her test
  • because Wida is going to have TOEFL test tomorrow
  • because both Wida and Wily got high score in their test.
  • because Wida wants to celebrate her birthday.

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B. Inggris Kelas 8 [KTSP]