How to Ask and Give Opinions in Informal Ways

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Contoh Soal

Complete the following dialogue below to answer number 1 – 3.

Rena: Hi, Rani. I heard there is a new student in your class. I am curious. What do you think about him?

Rani : (1) .... He likes to help others. His name is Toni.

Rena: Really? But Lani thinks that he likes to disturb anyone.

Rani : (2) .... I see it myself. He is so polite and does not act as you say at all. Look. There he is standing beside Andra. You can see what he is still doing now, right?

Rena: How kind he is. (3) .... you’re right and Lani’s is wrong about him.

The suitable sentence to fill blank no 1 is ....

  • I don’t think so.
  • I think he is a lazy boy.
  • I think he is a good boy.
  • He is a handsome boy.

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B. Inggris Kelas 8 [KTSP]