Passive Voice in Report Texts

B. Inggris Kelas 11 (Quipper Assessment Desember 2015) / B. Inggris Kelas 11 (Quipper Assessment Desember 2015)

Contoh Soal

Look at the report text below to answer question 1.


This year the world is shocked by the refugees’ crisis. At the time the number of refugees from Middle East, particularly Syria, is flooding Europe.

Forced by the civil war and other problems in their home country, Syrians are looking for places to continue their lives peacefully. Unfortunately, many countries are not prepared to hold up that many refuges at once. This causes severe problems such as hunger, illness, even deaths.

To maintain this catastrophe countries all over the world have to work together in helping the refuges by providing spaces, giving donation, and sharing food and beverages.

One example of a passive voice from the paragraph above is ….

  • The world is shocked by the refugees.
  • The number of refugees is flooding.
  • Countries have to work together.
  • Syrians are looking for places.
  • This causes severe problems.

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