Grammar Focus: Reported Speech

B. Inggris Kelas 11 [KTSP] / Public Speaking

Contoh Soal

Read the text and complete the sentences using reported speech!

My brother asked me if I could do a favor for him. He asked me, “Please buy a one way ticket to Jakarta; choose the evening flight”. He gave me some money and I took my motorcycle to the ticket agent. When I arrived at the ticket counter I picked the flight schedule, paid some money and went to the parking lot to take my motorcycle. There I meet a friend of mine, Siska. She smiled at me and said, “Hey, Andi what are you doing here?” I said to her that (1) I .... .While running and she said, “I am in a hurry.”
When I came home and looked for my brother, I met him in the living room. I gave the ticket to him, “This is your ticket’, I said. He received it, said thank you and read it. Within a second, he smiled at looked me curiously. I knew it must be something. “What destination I told you to buy?” asked him. I told him that he asked me (2) .... “Yes you know it”, he said. But why did you buy a ticket from Jakarta to Jogja not Jogja to Jakarta. Ohh my God, “I ordered the wrong ticket,” I said. Suddenly my father came, “What happens?” asked father. My brother said to my father that I made a mistake when ordering the ticket. He told him that I (3) .... Then my father called the customer service to change the ticket.

The most appropriate sentence to fill number 3 is ....

  • have ordered the wrong ticket
  • had ordered the wrong ticket
  • had changed to ticket order
  • made wrong order on the ticket
  • have made wrong order on the ticket

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B. Inggris Kelas 11 [KTSP]