Draw conclusions from an informational text - biology

B. Inggris Kelas 11 [K-13] / Factual Reports

Contoh Soal

What conclusion can be drawn from this text?

Cheese, butter, margarine and oils all contain fats which are needed to maintain certain functions in the body’s life processes: fats are also needed to make cell membranes and to insulate our bodies.

  • Cheese can help make cell membranes but not insulate our bodies.
  • The fats in margarine and oils are very different and perform different roles.
  • Margarine is a healthier option than butter.
  • Bodily life processes cannot be performed without fats.
  • Body insulation is a secondary benefit of fats compared to the creation of cell membranes.

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B. Inggris Kelas 11 [K-13]