Polite and Casual Approval to Appointments

B. Inggris Kelas 10 [KTSP] / Appointments

Contoh Soal

The following conversation is to answer question 1 to 3.

Cita: Are you free this Friday?
Bayu: I’ll be busy on Friday, but I am free after about 2 p.m. on Saturday
Cita: then, could we meet by then? I need your help with math.
Bayu: Okay, just come to my flat. You better come before dinner so my mom could prepare dinner for you too.
Cita: Yey, okay, thank you.

We know that Cita is ....

  • Bayu’s wife
  • a student
  • Bayu's mom
  • Bayu's neighbor
  • a teacher

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B. Inggris Kelas 10 [KTSP]