Formal Congratulations

B. Inggris Kelas 10 [KTSP] / Congratulating Others

Contoh Soal

Read the conversation below and fill in the blanks using the best words.

Tirza and Nael used to study in the same Junior High School. They are now students of two different Senior High School Students. They meet in a shopping mall.

Tirza: Hi Nael! How is life? I haven’t seen you for years. I heard you are doing well at school. 1) ….

Nael : Hi Tirza! Thanks! It’s been three years. Life’s great. How about you? You look happier now.

Tirza: Do I? Well, I am very happy. I’ve just received a letter from my favourite University.

Nael : 2) .... And? I bet you get very good news.

Tirza: Yes! I have got a scholarship. I am going to Korea after final examination.

Nael : Wow! 3) ….

Tirza: Oh, Thanks!

The best phrase for number 1 is ….

  • I envy you.
  • You always want to be number one.
  • How lucky you are!
  • It’s just like me.
  • Well done!

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B. Inggris Kelas 10 [KTSP]