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B. Inggris Kelas 10 [K-13] / Announcement

Contoh Soal

Listen to the message and answer the question below.

To be recorded:

Food has always been the star of my family’s favorite expressions. My mother always told us there is no use crying over spilled milk. That means you should not get angry when something bad happens and cannot be changed. People said my mother was a good egg. She would always help anyone in need. We never had to walk on eggshells around her. We did not have to be careful about what we said or did because she never got angry at us. She also told us you have to break some eggs to make an omelet. This means you have to do what is necessary to move forward.

What is this passage talking about?

  • The importance of milk and eggs
  • The favorite foods of the speaker’s mother
  • The food the speaker enjoyed eating as a child
  • The speaker’s obsession with food
  • The use of food imagery in English expressions

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B. Inggris Kelas 10 [K-13]