Formal and Informal English

Inglés - Todos los temas (por ámbito) / Grammar: Forms of English

Ejemplo de una pregunta

Read the three texts below and decide which one(s) is/are formal.

Ann: Can you come over to this evening?
Tom: No, I gotta study, I got a test Monday.
Ann: Too bad. Maybe next weekend or, uh, some other time?
Tom: Sure, next Friday I've nothing going on.


Hi. U goin 2 the concert 2nite? I need a ride.

It seemed that a terrible monster called the Sphinx had taken up its station on one of the principal roads leading to the town, and would allow no one to pass who could not answer a riddle which it asked.

  • C
  • A
  • B
  • A and B
  • A and C

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Inglés - Todos los temas (por ámbito)