Identify the correct use of commas

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In order to avoid confusion, commas are used to separate words or a group of words.  The sentences below use commas to separate words.  

Which of them does not separate the words correctly?

     1. My million dollar
estate is to be split among my husband, daughter, son and nephew.
     2. When I went on leave last year my brother, nephew and niece also came along.
     3.  The deliver truck brought suitcases, furniture, kitchen ware and the bathtub.
     4.  Everyone was happy including uncle Frank, Dorothy and Mike.
     5.  I woke up in the middle of the night feeling famished so I had a drink of milk, ate a sandwich and an apple, and went back to sleep.
  • the first sentence
  • the second sentence
  • the third sentence
  • the fourth sentence
  • the fifth sentence

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