Sample Size Determination

Statistics and Probability / Estimation of Parameters

Sample Question

What is the formula to determine the sample size for population proportion estimate?

  • [% n=\left(\frac{z_{\frac{\alpha}{2}}\cdot\sigma}{E}\right)^2 %]
  • [% n=\left(\frac{z_{\frac{\alpha}{2}}\cdot\sigma}{L}\right)^2 %]
  • [% n=\widehat p\widehat q \displaystyle\left(\frac{z_\frac{\alpha}{2}}{E}\right)^2%]
  • [% n=\widehat p\widehat q \displaystyle\left(\frac{z_\frac{\alpha}{2}}{L}\right)^2%]

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